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Which of the following is a mission area?

In the context of emergency management or disaster response, a mission area refers to a specific area or domain of focus that encompasses a set of related tasks, responsibilities, and activities.

Mission areas are typically defined within the framework of an emergency management or response system, such as the National Incident Management System (NIMS) used in the United States, which provides a standardized approach for managing incidents during emergencies or disasters.

Mission areas are used to categorize and organize the different functions or components of emergency management or response, and they may vary depending on the specific system or framework being used.

These mission areas help guide emergency management and response efforts by providing a framework for organizing and coordinating different functions and activities during various phases of an emergency or disaster.


Which of the following is a mission area?

A. Recovery
B. Planning
C. Reaction
D. Operational Coordination

The Answer

Recovery is a mission area. The answer is A. Recovery 


Recovery is a mission area that typically involves activities aimed at restoring normalcy, rebuilding, and recovering from the impacts of disasters, emergencies, or other disruptions.

Planning, Reaction, and Operational Coordination are also important aspects of emergency management and response, but they are not specifically identified as mission areas in this context.

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