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What is the definition for the protection mission area?

The protection mission area refers to the set of activities, strategies, and policies aimed at safeguarding and defending against potential threats, risks, or harm to various aspects of society, including individuals, communities, institutions, and critical infrastructure.

The protection mission area encompasses a wide range of domains, such as national security, public safety, emergency management, cybersecurity, physical security, health and environmental protection, and information assurance, among others.

The protection mission area involves proactive measures, preparedness efforts, and response and recovery operations to prevent or mitigate adverse events, as well as to ensure resilience and continuity in the face of disruptions. It often involves coordination and collaboration among multiple stakeholders, including government agencies, law enforcement, military, private sector organizations, and the general public.

Examples of activities within the protection mission area include risk assessments, threat intelligence analysis, emergency planning and preparedness, incident response planning and execution, critical infrastructure protection, disaster recovery, cybersecurity operations, border security, public health surveillance, and crisis communication, among others.

The goal of the protection mission area is to reduce vulnerabilities, enhance readiness, and mitigate potential consequences of threats and hazards to protect the well-being and security of individuals and society as a whole.


What is the definition for the protection mission area?


The definition for the "Protection" mission area is Secure the homeland against terrorism and man made or natural disasters.


The definition of the "Protection" mission area is to secure the homeland against terrorism and man-made or natural disasters. This mission area encompasses efforts to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from threats and hazards that pose risks to the security, safety, and well-being of the homeland and its people. 

It includes activities such as counterterrorism efforts, disaster preparedness and response, border security, critical infrastructure protection, cybersecurity, and other measures aimed at safeguarding the nation from various threats and hazards.

The "Protection" mission area is an important aspect of homeland security and involves coordination among federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial agencies, as well as private sector partners and communities.

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