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Information May Be CUI In Accordance With?

Information plays a crucial role in our modern society, and its access and dissemination are often regulated to ensure security and protect sensitive data. One common framework used in government and other sectors is Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

CUI refers to information that, while not classified as classified information, is still subject to specific classification and restriction policies based on law, regulation, or government-wide policy.


Information may be CUI in accordance with?


Law, regulation, or government-wide policy.


The statement implies that information can be categorized or limited based on legal, regulatory, or government-wide policies. This means that there may be certain rules or guidelines set by law or regulations that determine how information can be accessed, shared, or disseminated. 

It also indicates that government policies can play a role in determining the classification or restriction of certain types of information. This could include sensitive or confidential information that requires protection or control based on established laws, regulations, or policies.

In summary, the central idea of this statement is that information can be subject to classification or restrictions based on legal, regulatory, or government-wide policies.

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