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Which of These is Exhibiting Kinetic Energy?

Kinetic energy is the energy possessed by an object due to its motion. It is one of the fundamental forms of energy. When an object is in motion, it has the ability to do work or transfer energy to other objects.

Kinetic energy can be observed in various everyday situations, such as a moving car, a running athlete, a spinning top, or even the wind causing objects to move.

It plays a crucial role in understanding the behavior of moving objects and is a fundamental concept in physics.


Which of these is exhibiting kinetic energy?

A. a space station orbiting Earth

B. a rock on a mountain ledge

C. an archer with a flexed bow

D. a person sitting on a couch while watching TV

E. the high-energy phosphate bonds of a molecule of ATP


The correct answer is a space station orbiting Earth (A)


A space station orbiting Earth is in constant motion due to its orbital velocity. As it moves through space in its orbit, it possesses kinetic energy. The energy is associated with its motion and the velocity at which it travels.

Kinetic energy is defined as the energy of an object due to its motion. In this case, the space station's motion around Earth qualifies it as an object exhibiting kinetic energy.

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