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What DoD Instruction implements the DoD CUI Program?

The Department of Defense (DoD) is a federal executive department of the U.S. government responsible for the national security of the country. The DoD is one of the largest employers in the world, with over 1.3 million active-duty military personnel, nearly 800,000 civilian personnel, and over 800,000 reservists and National Guard members.

The DoD was established on September 18, 1947, and is headquartered at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. The department is led by the Secretary of Defense, who is a member of the President's Cabinet and is appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.

The DoD's mission is to provide military forces needed to deter war and protect the security of the country. The department is responsible for a wide range of activities, including recruiting, training, and equipping military personnel, conducting military operations, and maintaining military installations and facilities.

The DoD also plays a key role in national security policy and strategy, working closely with other federal agencies and international partners to address threats to the country's security.

The DoD CUI Program

The DoD CUI (Controlled Unclassified Information) Program is an initiative by the Department of Defense to standardize and strengthen the management and protection of sensitive but unclassified information. The program aims to create a consistent framework for identifying, marking, handling, safeguarding, and disseminating CUI information across the DoD.

Under the DoD CUI Program, DoD Components are required to implement appropriate security measures to protect CUI from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or destruction. This includes developing and implementing security policies, procedures, and controls to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of CUI.

The DoD CUI Program is also aligned with the Federal CUI Program, which provides a standardized approach for managing and protecting sensitive information across the federal government. The DoD CUI Program implements the CUI Federal regulation, which defines the categories and subcategories of CUI and provides guidance on how to handle and protect CUI information.

Overall, the DoD CUI Program is designed to improve the protection of sensitive but unclassified information across the Department of Defense by establishing a uniform set of policies, procedures, and controls for managing CUI.


What DoD Instruction implements the DoD CUI Program?


DoDI 5200.48, Controlled Unclassified Information


The Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 5200.48 implements the DoD Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Program. This instruction provides guidance and procedures for the identification, marking, handling, and safeguarding of CUI within the DoD, in accordance with the CUI Federal regulation.

The DoDI 5200.48 also establishes the DoD CUI Executive Agent and assigns responsibilities for managing the DoD CUI Program to the appropriate officials within the DoD Components. The instruction applies to all DoD personnel, contractors, and other individuals who handle, access, or manage DoD CUI.

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